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Managing COVID-19 with Homeopathy

Dr. Shweta Goyal, B.H.M.S (Gold Medalist) has been raising awareness about the role of Homoeopathy in management of COVID-19 since the first wave hit back in March 2020. She was actively involved in distributing preventives to the general public in Mohali and Mansa regions of Punjab in collaboration with the health department of Government of Punjab. On a personal level, she treated several cases of COVID-19 successfully including fresh cases and those cases which could not benefit from allopathic treatment. As covid-19 presents itself as an acute illness, homoeopathy acts swiftly and gently helps the patients recover in a matter of days. Homoeopathy acts very efficiently in acute conditions like fever, cough, weakness, body pains and even pneumonia. So Homoeopathy can be given in all cases of COVID-19 ranging from mild and moderate to severe cases. Following are examples of 4 different kinds of patients with COVID-19 which were treated solely with Homoeopathy:-
Case 1 –Covid-19 with high D-Dimer values with Pneumonia
Case 2 – Covid-19 in Heart patient
Case 3 – Covid-19 with high fever
Case 4 – Covid-19 in patient who did not benefit from Allopathy
Opt for Homoeopathy for COVID-19 !
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