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Joint problems and role of Homoeopathy

Chronic joint pains affect millions of people. About 1 in 4 people suffer from joint pains. The cause of joint pains depends upon the type of arthritis. There are various types of arthritis.Arthritis in conventional treatment is usually managed with painkillers, NSAIDS, corticosteroids. All of these medicines can be taken for short period and gives only temporary relief.

Homoeopathy offers cure in arthritis cases

and management of the joint pain

In osteoarthritis, homoeopathy has medicines to manage the pain and even reverse the condition if treated at early stage. In rheumatoid arthritis, as it is autoimmune disease, constitutional approach is taken and symptomatic relief can also be provided if the swelling and pain are troubling the patient.
Homoeopathy also brings down RA factor, ESR and CRP. So it provides complete relief as well as cures the disease. In psoriatic arthritis, skin is taken into consideration first. Complete history taking is required in such cases to achieve permanent cure.In ankylosing spondylosis, thorough history of the patient along with family history is taken into consideration. Medicine is prescribed to stop fusing of bones, pain relief, and eliminate the familial tendency of ankylosis.
In idiopathic cases of arthritis, cause of pain is found out in history and treated. Physiotherapy, exercises or rest is recommended according to the disease. Homoeopathic medicines have the power to reduce inflammation of joints, reduce pain, and treat the cause of inflammation.Whether to get rid of joint pains completely or to get temporary relief, homoeopathy helps in both the scenarios.