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Paediatric illnesses and role of Homoeopathy

The major role of Homoeopathy today is in treating the diseases of children. As their health status decides the status of whole country's health in coming years. If the children of a country are healthy then future population will be in good health. The beauty of Homoeopathy in diseases of children is that it not only treats the child but also increases their immunity and prevents development of diseases in future. The homoeopathic medicines can be used in children as they have the least side-effects.
From birth, the infant can suffer from development problems like difficult dentition in which diarrhea, convulsions and irritability can occur. Delayed milestones like delayed speech, walking, behavioural disorders like ADHD, Autism, are quite common in children these days. Along with required therapies, proper diet, Homoeopathy can manage all these conditions.

Cases of fever in children can be managed with Homoeopathy

on the basis of cause of fever.

Genetic conditions like Down syndrome are successfully managed with Homoeopathy as it helps to overcome physical as well as mental problems. Cases affected by cerebral palsy are managed with Homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathy helps to get them back to their daily life, help the children perform routine activities.

Allergic constitutions can be managed with Homoeopathy and the food to which child is allergic can be introduced in their diet. Allergy to milk, wheat and other foods can be treated successfully with Homoeopathic medicines.
Homoeopathy can help the child to get rid of habit of bed-wetting. It also helps in improving speech of children who suffer from stammering. The beauty of Homoeopathy is that it not only cures the stammering but also regains the self-esteem and self-confidence of the child which he or she has lost.
Opt for Homoeopathy for your children so that they lead a healthy life as children and when they grow into adults.