Gastro-intestinal diseases and Homeopathy


  • Gastritis
  • Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer
  • Achlasia Cardia
  • GERD
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Haemorrhoids/Piles
  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Hernia
  • Fatty liver & Hepatomegaly
  • Gallstones
  • Anal fissues & fistula

Gastro-intestinal diseases and role of Homoeopathy


At Dr. Shweta’s Homoeopathy, we understand the distressing nature of gastrointestinal diseases, affecting the stomach and bowel, and the impact they have on your overall well-being. In today’s fast-paced world, irregular eating habits have become a common aspect of modern lifestyles, contributing to the prevalence of these chronic conditions. Factors such as overeating, meal skipping, and consumption of unhealthy foods further exacerbate the development of diseases related to the stomach and bowel. Hereditary factors and certain medications also play a significant role in these afflictions.


One of the most prevalent symptoms that lead individuals to our clinics is constipation. A surprisingly low number of people experience regular and normal bowel activity, and constipation often serves as the root cause for the development of various other diseases. At Dr. Shweta’s Homoeopathy, we take a comprehensive approach to understand the underlying causes of constipation, recognizing that it can be chronic and manifest at different stages of life, from childhood to old age.

In homoeopathy, we prioritize addressing the specific cause of constipation. Whether it arises from infancy, bottle-feeding practices, old age, excessive use of purgatives, rectal dryness, underlying liver conditions, or specific dietary habits, our tailored treatments target the root cause. Our approach aims at providing a permanent solution rather than just symptomatic relief.



Gastritis is another disease commonly found and it occurs due to inflammation of the stomach lining. Homoeopathy has medicines to manage the symptoms of indigestion, pain and also to reduce the inflammation of the mucus lining of the stomach.



Conditions like GERD have been successfully treated in Homoeopathy with the help of medicines that reduces reflux of acid and it also heals the lining of oesophagus (food pipe) and stomach.


Liver Diseases

Homoeopathy offers a unique approach to managing liver diseases by addressing underlying causes. Conditions like fatty liver, hepatomegaly, cirrhosis are treated with Homoeopathy permanently which are considered irreversible otherwise. Infections of liver leading to jaundice can be treated with Homoeopathy without any side-effects.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Individualized treatment plans in homeopathy are adept at managing IBS, providing relief from abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements, and discomfort. By addressing the root causes, homeopathy fosters lasting solutions for individuals grappling with IBS.



Homeopathy plays a vital role in the non-surgical management of hernias. Remedies are selected based on the specific characteristics of the hernia, aiming to alleviate symptoms, reduce discomfort, and potentially prevent the need for surgical intervention.



The holistic approach of homeopathy is beneficial in managing fistulas by promoting natural healing processes. Fistulae which are repeatedly managed with surgery these days can be beautifully managed with Homoeopathic medicines. Homoeopathy not only treats fistulas, it also prevents recurrence.



Homeopathy provides effective relief for piles by addressing factors such as constipation, inflammation, and bleeding. Tailored remedies aim to reduce swelling, promote healing, and manage symptoms, providing comfort without the side effects associated with conventional treatments.



Homeopathy’s focus on the individual allows for precise remedies in managing fissures. By addressing underlying causes such as constipation or inflammation, homeopathy aids in the healing process, offering relief from pain and discomfort associated with fissures.

Dr. Shweta Goyal strives to offer personalized and effective solutions for gastrointestinal diseases. We believe in treating the individual as a whole, addressing the unique factors contributing to their condition. If you are seeking a holistic and lasting solution for gastrointestinal disorders, we invite you to explore the benefits of homeopathic treatment at Dr. Shweta’s Homoeopathy. Your journey towards digestive health and overall wellness begins here.

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