From infertility to delivering a healthy baby, with Homoeopathy

So this is a story of a lady of 28, who came in touch with me through a friend.

Was Operation her last resort?

I got a call from her and I took her case over call. She was sounding quite worried about her problem. So I asked her whats the problem? She told that I consulted a gynaecologist and he told her that she cannot conceive. I took her case history. She revealed she has hypothyroidism. Asking why the doctor told her that she could not conceive she told she has a history of tuberculosis in her childhood. So the doctor told her that her fallopian tubes maybe blocked.

I advised ultrasound pelvis. What came in her ultrasound report? Her ovaries showed bilateral chocolate cysts! She was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. It can cause severe pain in the pelvis and make it harder to get pregnant. Endometriosis can start at a person’s first menstrual period and last until menopause.

She was very concerned about her condition. In allopathy, she was asked to go for operation.

Thought to give Homoeopathy a try

Post seeing her ultrasound reports and taking her overall history, I explained to her how we can help her conceive the natural way. She was just 28 so her anxiety about having a baby was natural. First approach towards her treatment was treating the chocolate cysts, endometriosis. I prescribed her medicine for a month and asked her to come with ultrasound report. She came to me after 22 days with a normal ultrasound study. She was quite happy to know that her ovaries are normal and there is no chocolate cyst. She wanted to confirm it with me whether the report is actually normal.

This was her first experience with Homoeopathy which made her believe that she can conceive and surgery would not be required. She was given medicine for endometriosis and hypothyroidism. We did her follicular study the next month. Ovulation was good and egg matured and ruptured on time. So her overall fertility was improved.


She was then prescribed medicines for improving fertility and I asked her to take a break from routine life and try conceiving. After 2 months, she informed me that she missed her periods. Upon advising her to do UPT, it showed two lines. Her Hcg levels were showing pregnancy. But they were not in proportion with the weeks of gestation. She was advised level 1 ultrasound. It showed a single live intrauterine pregnancy. But the baby was small for gestational age.


Post this, we gave her medicine for improving fetal growth. We got TORCH test done for her. It showed positive for rubella. She took medicines from gynaecologist for the same. After a week, she told she is experiencing spotting. I gave her medicine for threatened abortion. But despite giving medicine, she went through abortion. We gave her medicine to prevent adhesions in uterus which usually occurs after abortion. We managed her symptoms during and post abortion with Homoeopathy. Those symptoms included anemia, bleeding, hairfall, anxiety.

Try again

She wanted to try again but I advised her to wait for her mental and physical recovery post-abortion. She was on Homoeopathic medicines for fertility and hypothyroidism. She started trying after 3 months. Within a month, she told she missed her periods. Upon getting hcg done, pregnancy was confirmed. She was on Homoeopathic medicines for Iron, folic acid during her pregnancy.

Managing pregnancy with Homoeopathy

She was managing her symptoms during pregnancy with Homoeopathy. In last trimester, she shared her ultrasound reports which showed a low- lying placenta. This indicated that the pregnancy is high risk and mostly Cesarean section is done in such cases. She was advised complete bed rest by her gynaecologist. She consulted me asking that she wants a normal delivery. Her gynaecologist told that she would have to go through C-section only. We gave her medicine for helping her for normal delivery.

She experienced labour pains and before her delivery, her doctor told normal delivery would be possible. She gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy.

Homoeopathy changes people’s lives for Good

She still continues medicines from us for her day to day health issues. This is how homoeopathy makes a difference in people’s lives. On one hand, she was going through IVFs and surgery with little or no hope for a pregnancy in future and on the other hand, homoeopathy helped her in every step from conceiving to delivering a healthy baby.

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